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JGTHM - Juhr Gait tu Hewi Mettäl (Deutsch)

JGTHM - Juhr Gait tu Hewi Mettäl (Deutsch)
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Originally published in March 2002 by the Uzzi-Verlag in Düsseldorf, the volume »JGTHM - Juhr Gait Tu Hewi Mettäl« is sold out since last autumn. So Iron Pages decided to offer this "muther of all Heavy Metal-satire" to all kids, who are thirsty for knowledge.

The pseudo-dictionary contains everything, what you have to know about Heavy Metal: basical knowledge, bands, styles, women in Rock, idiotic interpretations, not lesser idiotic lyrics and the whole rest around this. Affectionatly arranged side by side, facts are distorted, lies are spinned out and half-truths are sold as facts. Till Burgwächter writes down what many headbanger only think concealed under their bed-cover. Thereby his thesis are so evident that even the affected musicians took some of them for truth.

Whoever do not read this book isnt't Metal! Then there is also no use in shaking the hair nor in squalling SLAYER. And please, think about the alternatives: Who isn't Metal is automatically Rapper or Popper. Do you really want this?

"JGTHM" will enrich your life. At least for a further book, that gets dusty in your shelf. And this is much better than nothing. Heavy Metal Reigns Supreme.

Directly born in hell (southern Lüneburger Heide) in 1975, at the age of three, Till Burgwächter skipped five school-classes, because he wanthed to move to a big metropole, at last. As in Niedersachen it doesn't exist something like that, he lands for studies in Braunschweig for calming down Mum and impressing Daddy. All three purposes fail. As an author of the heavy metal-satire »JGTHM - Juhr Gait Tu Hewi Mettäl« he becomes registrations into the classbook from several szene-popes and after the radio-performance of a humoristic comment about the "Wold-Day of Women" a female editor threaten with notice. Thereby, Till Burgwächter is a carnivor, fanatic football-fan and at all, a good guy. Today, he still lives between Harz and Heide as a free author. And he doens't want to change place.

Author: Till Burgwächter


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